Ballet – The key discipline and base of all dance. Ballet teaches grace, poise, musicality, correct posture, coordination, ballet, strength and flexibility. It gives students a secure base for all other forms of dance.

Modern – it includes many different aspects of dance styles and styles of music. A fun and popular class. Modern dance is often seen demonstrated by performers in the Westend, using current moves and isolations found in street dance and jazz. This teaches students about rhythm, leaping, strengthening and stretching.

Tap – This style of dance originates from Africa but made famous from the likes of Fred Astaire, leon Collins, Sammy Davis Jr, Doris Day, Gene Kelly. Dancers enjoy making beats and sounds with their feet whilst learning rhythm and style.

Lyrical – a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary. Dancers learn to feel the music and express themselves through song.

Acro/gymnastics – a form of dance which combines acrobatic elements, It has been made more popular in the UK since Dance Moms and helps to improve the dancers flexibility and strength. We strongly advise all pupils take part in this additional class, especially if they want to compete and dance professionally.

Musical Theatre – This call will encourage an all-rounder performer. Teaching them harmonies and tune whilst teaching them how to act and express themselves on stage. An essential class for pupils considering professional auditions.