• When can we join? Do we have to wait for a new term to begin?

If there are spaces available you can join whenever you like as long as you have filled in a registration form and notified the school you will be joining.

  • What do I wear for my first class?

All of the class uniforms and correct footwear can be found on our uniform page. The first couple of lessons we ask to wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise preferable in black or plain colours with bare feet.

  • Can I stay with my child? Can parents watch?

No, for all our lessons parents leave their child and will be invited to come and watch performances on planned days. We understand some children are shy, but in our experience children relax better without the parent there and integrate more when on their own.

  • Can I buy uniform/shoes on my own?

We understand that you may want to buy this yourself and that is fine however you will have to check with the teacher that the shoes or outfit is suitable for class. Although there are many styles of shoes available, we have the knowledge of the industry and are able to explain why the cheapest or different style shoe might not be suitable for class.

  • Do I have to buy the uniform? Where can I buy?

Yes, you may wait 4 weeks to buy uniform if you wish but due to us participating in many events we require our school to look polished and it is easier to identify our pupils with correct uniform. You can through your teacher.

  • How does exams work?

Exams are taken in accordance with the relevant body, each pupil will undertake coaching in preparation. Exams are not compulsory but strongly recommended as the process is invaluable in building confidence and ability. Only students who are ready for exams will take the exam. Parents or pupils who think they should be a higher grade or in a different exam class should speak to the principle Sarah Rich. If you have taken exams through a different body or previously taken dance exams we will ask for certification to be provided. LAMDA exams build UCAS points.

  • How does the shows work?

We will endeavour to put on a show every 18 months where all pupils will be invited to take part. Each class will have minimum 3 dances per show. Dates will be given well in advance with all the information required.

Shows do require additional costumes and expense, we fully understand that and do keep costs down to a minimum.

Shows will be in an Essex theatre within a reasonable distance to your school.

  • Do all students take part in festivals/ competitions?

Local dance festivals are often a friendly competitive environment, where children are able to compete in all forms of dance and gain valuable performance experience and confidence in front of an audience. Festival choreography is subject to the teacher and we will notify you in advance if we are entering the group.

Usually only the competition team will partake in festivals, but if there is a majority in the class that all pupils would like to do competitions then we will consider this. Please ensure that you mention this on your application.

This is an extra circular activity and additional costs are involved.

  • I would like my child to audition for professional shows and West end and would like them to audition for commercials etc.

We can certainly train and prepare your child for auditions, however it is a competitive world and cannot guarantee they will get the part. We will ensure that you child is trained to a very high standard which will be beneficial for these auditions.

We work extremely closely with an agency in Essex who are very successful. This is an external company and on audition base only, additional fees will apply.

  • How do I choose the correct class for my child?

When you apply you will be asked to list the classes you are interested in, plus any previous training. The teachers will then advise you as to which class is most appropriate on age and ability

  • How do I track my child’s progress?

You will have many opportunities to come and watch performances where you will be able to see your child’s progression. We officially have a parents evening once a year where will review, your child’s capabilities in dance, areas for improvement, behaviour and attendance.

We also have a presentation each year which will showcase their exam work and present the pupil with certificates, medals and trophies for any exams or festival work. We also issue various trophies and awards for promising students, attendance etc

  • What are my involvements in the school? How can I get more involved? Do I have to?

We understand many parents work full time and have other children to look after, therefore we do not ask much of you. Mainly to keep us updated on anything that would affect the dancer during class. To be committed to events and shows and encourage pupil.

We are always on the lookout for our ‘PTA’ parents who can get involved by helping plan fundraisers, spread the word about the dance school, help with our social media status, general administration of the school. We also have a parent’s social event a few times a year where parents can go out and enjoy ourselves.

  • What do I do if I have a problem or need to speak to someone?

We always have time to deal with any problems or issues and welcome your thoughts on any matters. Teachers will be busy during class hours however there will always be someone on hand at reception or if you would prefer to speak to the teacher or principle you can call me on 07772359759. We value our students and encourage you to speak to us in confidence.

  • What else do you offer?

We aim to regularly offer extra activities in addition to normal lessons. For example we run workshops in difference style of dance where professionals come in and teach a class. We organise theatre trips, summer schools, school outings and more. Our Facebook page, website and email updates will keep you all informed.