Rules and Regulations


  • Pupils are expected to behave and listen to their teacher, we will not tolerate rude behaviour

  • We have a no bullying policy, the first sign or report of bullying there will be a meeting with both parents and pupils and a behavioural measure will be put in place

  • Pupils are expected to turn up to class willing to dance and eager to learn

  • Pupils are expected to arrive in full uniform and be presentable

  • No food to be eaten in class

  • No phones or toys or ipads to be on or out in class

  • We always encourage every pupil to attend and participate in as many events throughout the year


  • We ask that you be a committed dance parent

  • To make sure your daughter/son is presentable

  • To arrive on time each week

  • To pay regularly and on time

  • To be in attendance at events and encourage nans, grandads, aunties, uncles, friends to come and watch performances

  • To attend and interact at social events, we want our pupils to get along with each other and the parents too. We don’t want to intervene due to any ‘dance mom competiveness’

  • To ensure you child practises at home and stretches as informed by teacher

  • To inform us of any circumstances that will affect the child’s performance or behaviour

  • To inform us of any injury before class

  • To update us on anyone picking up your pupil so we can add them to the authorised list

Shine Stage School

  • All our teachers are fully qualified and DBS checked

  • Will ensure that your child has a fun and friendly learning environment

  • There is no favouritism between students

  • We will provide each student equal amount of time

  • To ensure your child feels safe and learns new moves in a safe way

  • To provide performing opportunities and encourage pupils to participate

  • To provide a full report on the child’s progress at our parents evening